Heck, I’ll try anything to get exposure.

When I first received an invitation from Oriental Hotel Singapore to participate in a contest, I was pensive.  First, let me declare that this invitation was sent as an Electronic mailer, i.e. was for everyone whom is in their mailing list, and not because I’m some celebrity photographer.  I wished.

Anyway, so I wasn’t too keen, because I had to submit 3 photographs on food.  Although I do take a few here and there, it’s only for fun, unlike Street and Landscape photography, which I really like.  However, if they do like my initial submission and call me up, I will be with a group of 9 fellow photographers invited by the hotel to shoot their mooncakes.  I’m dying for some form of exposure.  So since I’m having a company retreat today, and was going to Carousel for lunch, hence I thought why not, let’s try.

Being a buffet, I had to decide on the arrangement of each ‘dish’.  So played around with different colors and theme.

So here they are below.  My first attempt at food photography with my x100.

I love my sushi, and I do take almost any kind of raw fish sushi, but I never did like Tamago (Egg Sushi) and the seaweed sushi (The Green one), and I almost never take ginger, but for the sake of the photo, I took the most colorful ones and played around with the arrangement.

I love any kind of sashimi.  The above shows the sashimi available for lunch, i.e. Salmon (Orangy), Tuna (Reddish) and Yellow Tail (slighly transparent).  The carrots and the small piece of green leave was to add additional color.

So we arrived at 1pm, and we were informed we only had 1 hour before they close the buffet.  No choice, had to be selective with the food I choose, so I opted for the Drunken Prawn next.  Not my favourite though.

My colleague took 3 huge slices of the roasted beef, and I thought I should too.  But having a bigger belly then him, I opted for one slice, with 2 lamb saussies.

Lastly, dessert with coffee.  The chocolate ice cream was heavenly.

So there you have it.  My first attempt at food photography.  Should not be my last as I have another sumptious dinner tomorrow at Dozo, so hope to bring you more of that if I can.

As usual, do give me your comments if you can yah.