Kampong Carnival at Savannah Condopark

As new neighbours, we were naturally excited to join in the fun when we knew that the place we’re staying, is organising a Kampong Carnival.

Kampong means a village or a small enclosure of closely knitted neighbours.  Back when Singapore was a fishing village, the people would be living in these small kampongs, and there will be lots of laughter coupled with activities and simple handmade games.  So kudos to the management and volunteers for helping out in making this a big big success.

Natasha trying the face painting.

They had great activities such as face paintings…..

Natasha all set to go with her unicorn face paint

Natasha showing her unicorn face painting.  Very nicely done I must say.


Natasha and her cousin Lizzie with both unicorn face paintings.

Next up was the performance from Savannah’s very own Zumbabes.  They were full of action and vigour and did their moves to perfection.


SavannahKampung2015-16 SavannahKampung2015-29 SavannahKampung2015-26

The instructor Gwen was awesome.  Here’s a great shot of her reaching the stars.


A fellow neighbour capturing the moments and ensure it stays with him in eternity.

The support from the family and friends were overwhelming, as you can see for yourself.


Mummy really put in tremendous effort in practicing for 2 weeks, to ensure she got her steps right too.  Here she is, enjoying herself thoroughly.


After the performance, it was the kids turn to have their fun.  There lots of games, as well as activities to keep them occupied.


Natty trying out ‘hockolf’.  hehe.  if there was such a word.  Golf with a hockey stick.  She managed to get herself a hole in one.

SavannahKampung2015-42 SavannahKampung2015-44 SavannahKampung2015-46

SavannahKampung2015-48a SavannahKampung2015-48

The games were well organised.  From ‘hamtam bolah’ where you used a ball and trying to score points by throwing them into holes scoring points, to ‘hole-in-soccer’, to innovative ‘nerf-gun-hit-the-ducks-down’ game, the kids really were enjoying themselves.

The pinnacle was the ‘one-v-one’ battle, where each kid had to balance on a air platform, and try to knock down the opponent kid.


SavannahKampung2015-55 SavannahKampung2015-52

Ok, so Kyeron had to go against a girl….  unfortunately….  but he still had to do what he needs to do….


I’ve always thought him to be focus and go for the win, even in games.  It’s true that games should be fun, but in every game, we should strive to win, and if we don’t, then accept the loss graciously.  In this way, it moulds them to be competitive yet allows them to accept defeat and try again.

Kyeron managed to fend off 3 challengers before losing, so it was a great effort from him.  Next up was Natasha, and she was very excited.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t really a fair fight..  haha….  credit to the boy, he didn’t retaliate one bit.


The final event was the lucky draw.  The crowd gathered, and all were yearning for the prizes.  They ranged from Microwave ovens, to Flat screen TV and bicycles.


A 6 shot panaroma image stitched into one to capture the size of the crowd waiting in anticipating, hoping their number be called by the MC.


Stuff made of dreams.  The 1st prize was won by one of the cleaners of the condo.  Awesome stuff.  The sheer joy from him, and everyone else sharing the joy with him was a great experience.

My final parting shot.  a 12 image panaroma stitched into one.  Wanted to show the crowd, stalls, and also the beauty of our home, all in one image.

Hope the management will do it every year from now on.

Rawa Island 2015


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Portra 400


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Black & White #2


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Black and White

It’s been a long time since my last post. Had been busy with work.  From user manuals to attending requirement meetings, to drafting requirement specifications, then attending more meetings, and doing more user manuals, and drafting more requirement specifications … You get the picture right ?  Arghhh I so needed this post.

ANYWAY, recently been trying out the Kodak 400 Tri X.  If you can’t afford a Leica M Monochrome, well….  that’s probably the next best thing…  to me personally that is.

Here are some images that I took from my Zorki 4.  Will possibly purchase Arista Premium 400 B&W soon.  I heard reviews from fellow mates that it is actually the Kodak 400 Tri X, only cheaper.

As usual, first subject, the youngest of them all, Cara Faith

Always keen in putting something in her mouth, that silly girl.

Next up, her brother and her, mucking about.

Personally, I really like the Zorki 4.  As compared with the Yashica GSN, which is a Aperture Priority, with the full manual control of the Zorki 4, I can control the exposure of the pictures.

Here’s one of Natty and Cara, busy with putting stuff into their mouths again.

Like this shot of Kyeron by himself.

Finally, the two eldest.  Natty and Kyeron, engrossed on their iPADs.

Look up both of you.

Overall, there’s something about Black and White that captivates me.  Perhaps it’s the lack of color that intriguies the eyes to scan through for more details.

By God’s grace

On a great Saturday, thought would like to share this photo I took from my Nokia Lumia 900 earlier this week.

As I seat here at home on my sofa, would like to just reflect on the grace and blessings given by God, to my family and myself.  We are really nothing without You.

Thank you God.  No words best express my gratitude of your grace and mercy given to us elected ones.

Its all about little Cara

My last roll from my Zorki of my little one before I hit the streets.  I now feel slightly more confident then a month ago and hopefully I get my exposures right.

Actually I was very surprise by the outcome as somehow, don’t know why this roll not as grainy as before. Perhaps its was the film, Fuji C200.

Don’t block me from watching telly.

Gimme a hug.

You have to admit… I’ve got style.

Really like the DOF of the Zorki 4 here at f2.  Really impressive.

Here are the last few shots.

And lastly, the ever famous blur Cara look.

Hope you guys like these series of Cara.  Here’s a parting shot from the 3 stoogers.  Don’t they look alike ?

The curious case of expensive films

Funny title, but really not that funny to me.. 😦 .. Sheesh …  Whenever I load in an ‘expensive’ film, it’ll fail on me.  The other time on my Yashica GSN was a Kodak BW400CN.  It snapped on me, and me being a noob open it, stared at it, and had my entire film spoilt due to my stupidity.

This time, for some reason, my Kodak Ektar 100 got stuck while shooting halfway on my Zorki 4.  Darn it …  You know these films cost like S$9 bucks per roll.  Arghhhhhh !!!!.. so again, being the noob, I roll back my film, tried to get it unstuck before I begin shooting again, knowing I would get multiple exposures, but I didn’t have much choice.  So what happened ?  The below happened.  Arghh !!!

But I carried on and got a few of these.

But again, being the super noob, I was afraid of wasting the entire film, as either my Zorki 4 film counter is spoilt or I don’t know how to use it, hence I couldn’t estimate at which number of shot I screwed up, so I didn’t want to have too many multiple exposures, hence I stopped.  But being the silly noob again, I wasted half my roll unexposed due to my fear. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!.. Nevermind.. Try again .. everytime something happens, we learn and get better right ?

So at the same time, I also finished my roll on my Yashica GSN.  Now my last time, I had it to the max before tried to unwind and my film snapped.  This time I kept it at about the 36 shot mark before I unwind my roll and guess what ?  The thing snapped again !!!!.. Arghhhhh !!!!….  Well, this time, I left it there, and brought it to Triple D Minilab Center to take it out for me.  Hey .. I learned right ?

Anyway, here are some from my Yashica GSN.

Apologies for the same content over my last few posts as recently really am busy with work, hence the only time I have left to shoot is during weekends, where the family demands my time.  Trying to squeeze some lunch hour this week to see if I can take some interesting happenings around my work area.

I did however manage to catch some home chinese tuition with the kids by the missus.  Here are some of the shots.  Can be quite blur still as I’m have yet to send my Yashica for CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) and have a hazy Viewfinder.

Once again, thanks for dropping by, and hope to hear your honest comments.

Street next.

Zorki 4

My Zorki 4 arrived in my mail last week.  Was packed quite securely.

This camera is an interesting one.  It has no light meter, fully manual and has interchangeable lens.  It’s an LTM screwed on mount.

Unlike my Yashica GSN, because it has no light meter, I had to guess my exposure setting.  Being a newbie, that resulted in a few washout over exposed shots.  Well…. not a few, but almost half of my first roll went that way.  I adopted the Sunny 16 rule during Kyeron’s recent swimming trip, but either I did something wrong, or what, but all my shots were over exposed.  Nevermind, I’ll try again.

Here’s a few pictures from my first and second roll with it.  Took it when Natty had her ballet lessons @ i12.

Here are some shots taken from home where the light was much better.

More to come, as I’m sending my other 2 rolls for processing today.  On recommendation from a fellow Clubsnap member, there’s another film developing shop at Burlington Square by the name of Triple D Minilab Centre, which is much cheaper than Konota.