My Home, Singapore

So having followed Eric Kim’s work for quite some time, I decided to embark on a few projects of my own.  I’m not setting a deadline for each project, and it will on go until I feel I’ve ran out of content, but that will unlikely to happen.

I would like to begin my first project with simplistically, My Home, Singapore.  Yes yes, cliche, yawn…  Been there, heard that, but why shouldn’t I?  Every view is different, and my should be too.  Targetted audience ?  Tourist.  Just feel I have this dying urge to let our nice friends from abroad know just really how nice my home is.  No, I mean it.

So anyway, while I work, and walk and drive and get on with my daily life in the next few years, I aim to bring my view of my home, Singapore, to you, the prospective Tourist.

If you happen to bump into this post, do feel free to drop me a comment on some areas you would like me to cover in this blog, and I will do my best to.

Over and Out.

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