Black & White #2


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It’s been a while since I last posted here.  Been really busy with work, and balancing time for the family.  Hence, I’m still unable to find time to shoot street. So here are some more Black & White photos of … Continue reading

Flowers in Hokkaido (Summer)


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As you know, during my recent trip to Hokkaido for my honeymoon, I was amazed at the beautiful flowers that were available. Flowers were everywhere.  Every household had a small patch where they will grow Lavendar, Sunflowers, and other assortment … Continue reading

Black and White

It’s been a long time since my last post. Had been busy with work.  From user manuals to attending requirement meetings, to drafting requirement specifications, then attending more meetings, and doing more user manuals, and drafting more requirement specifications … You get the picture right ?  Arghhh I so needed this post.

ANYWAY, recently been trying out the Kodak 400 Tri X.  If you can’t afford a Leica M Monochrome, well….  that’s probably the next best thing…  to me personally that is.

Here are some images that I took from my Zorki 4.  Will possibly purchase Arista Premium 400 B&W soon.  I heard reviews from fellow mates that it is actually the Kodak 400 Tri X, only cheaper.

As usual, first subject, the youngest of them all, Cara Faith

Always keen in putting something in her mouth, that silly girl.

Next up, her brother and her, mucking about.

Personally, I really like the Zorki 4.  As compared with the Yashica GSN, which is a Aperture Priority, with the full manual control of the Zorki 4, I can control the exposure of the pictures.

Here’s one of Natty and Cara, busy with putting stuff into their mouths again.

Like this shot of Kyeron by himself.

Finally, the two eldest.  Natty and Kyeron, engrossed on their iPADs.

Look up both of you.

Overall, there’s something about Black and White that captivates me.  Perhaps it’s the lack of color that intriguies the eyes to scan through for more details.

How to overcome your fears in Street Photography

Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  right ?  Google the above topic and you will see that fear is still prevalent as a street photographer.  It’s human nature to resist taking a photo without permission of someone else.  Will I get punched ? or abused ? or be shown the finger ? or whatever.  Hey, I have a young family with me, so I have to be accountable to them right ?

Well, you’ve heard it from me first in here.  I’ve never ever been abused, punched or shown the finger yet.  Not once, uh hmm.  Well, it’s also good to note that, that’s because I’ve only actually been out taking street photographs fewer then 5 times with my x100.

But hey, don’t take it from me.  Check out Eric Kim’s tips on how to get overcome your fears.  He’s given 31 tips (or days to try each out), ranging from pretending that your camera was spoilt when shot taken, or closing your eyes just before you take that shot, or shooting from the hip …

I’ve tried out his techniques while shooting and they do work.  So while I’m honeymooning in Hokkaido these 2 weeks, here’s something to help you along your way.

Oh yes, one final tip.  Just smile after you’ve taken the shot.

Here are a few hip shots I took during one of my trips to Orchard.


Excuse me, but are you a model ?

So there I was minding my own business, (well, not really minding my own business, but trying to apply what I learnt from Eric Kim, on how I can do away with my fear in street photography) when suddenly, right in front of me, there was this scene literally unfolding infront of me.

I was puzzled as to why I saw 2 photographers, in the middle of Orchard road (The shopping belt of Singapore) with their long lenses.  Then, I saw it.  They were taking some fashion pictures of a model, and thank God I had my x100 with me.

Thought it would be fun to take shots of the shooter and the prey.

So there you have it  The main photographer in the middle, Sidekick #1 on his right, and sidekick #2 on his left….  or that’s how I perceive it.  I didn’t ask them though.

The expression on some of the faces of the street crossers were priceless.  So I thought I have some fun with them (Click on the image to see the full glory).  Do try to pick out the photographer.

Chances like these are few and far in between.  Was wonderful the X100 is small enough for me to put in my bag and bring it at all times.

Again, you may click on the individual image to view it much clearly.

Thanks.  Again, please give me your comments, especially my rendering to B&W.  Would like to hear comments on that.  I used Nik’s Color Efex Pro for conversion.

If I have taken your picture

Street photography is something that holds very dear in my heart.  I love both landscapes and street photography, as it allows me to be the storyteller I want to be.  Every shot is every story, or that’s what I aim to achieve.  So it really takes immense courage for me to take that shot.  Who knows what response I get?  A slap, punch, smile, scowl, flatter, insult, swears… I’d never know, but I’m determine to take the shot, and like a newbie, I’m still learning.

If I had taken your photo whether it’s on the sly, or whether via mutual consent, and if you are very uncomfortable with your photos being shown on this site, do let me know.  Drop me an email, and let me know specifically which photo it is, and I will remove it.