Black & White #2


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It’s been a while since I last posted here.  Been really busy with work, and balancing time for the family.  Hence, I’m still unable to find time to shoot street. So here are some more Black & White photos of … Continue reading

If I have taken your picture

Street photography is something that holds very dear in my heart.  I love both landscapes and street photography, as it allows me to be the storyteller I want to be.  Every shot is every story, or that’s what I aim to achieve.  So it really takes immense courage for me to take that shot.  Who knows what response I get?  A slap, punch, smile, scowl, flatter, insult, swears… I’d never know, but I’m determine to take the shot, and like a newbie, I’m still learning.

If I had taken your photo whether it’s on the sly, or whether via mutual consent, and if you are very uncomfortable with your photos being shown on this site, do let me know.  Drop me an email, and let me know specifically which photo it is, and I will remove it.