Best Yong Tau Foo (a Chinese soup dish)

We Singaporeans actually don’t take that much fried stuff.  Well, I don’t.  Personally, I prefer a good bowl of hot soup with food items inside to stuff me up.  I don’t necessary need to eat any noodles, vermicelli (aka as Bee Hoon here in Singapore) or rice.

So, Yong Tau Foo is an important dish.  Wikipedia did a great job explaining whatever Yong Tau Foo is.

So on that day, I took my trusty Yashica GSN, and with the missus, we went over for a nice slurping bowl of hot goodies.

So what you normally do is first,

  1. choose from the array of ingredients to make your soup.  From fresh fishballs, to cured cuttlefish, to beancurd, or ladies fingers stuffed with fish paste and many more.
  2. Choose your vegetables.  From water convolvulus (kang kong) to Chinese cabbage (xiao bai cai / little bok choy) or bean sprouts, they actually have quite a bit of vegetables to choose from.
  3. Choose if you want rice, vermicelli or noodles.
  4. Lastly, choose whether you want it in soup or in sweet or/and chilli sauce

Now, being the soup lover, I normally go for soup.  I do have my condiment of sauces to complement the ingredients I choose.

I just love their soup.  I’m sure they had anchovies, yellow beans, chicken bones and all the good stuff in that soup, and have it boiled for hours.

and here’s the place.

The address is here : 5 Koek Road, #01-09 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore.

They are closed on Sundays, but open on the rest from 8am – 7pm.

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