About this site

Have you wanted to post your images, but fear that you get flamed by so called experienced photographers ? Or feel that you really lack the skills to bring your hobby to the next level ?

Well, I have. I’m a newbie to photography. I bought my first DSLR in January 2010, and fell in love with what I can do with it. For the past years, I’ve focused on photographing my kids and family, but really, now, I feel I should take it to the next level, by exploring other genres. But it’s awful to upload your photos, and not get constructive comments from fellow photographers and hobbyists.

Hence, I decided to start this site, to really explore and try to get fellow newbies and hobbyists to also contribute. So if you have any stuff you want me to put up, do feel free to email me @ newbietophotography@gmail.com.

Here are some things you need to take note before sending me that email

  • Image(s) must be JPEG and sized at least 700 pixels wide, maximum 1000 wide.If possible, please keep your image(s) size within 1MB.
  • Image(s) can be taken from any camera.  No restrictions whatsoever.
  • Be creative, not provocative.
  • When image(s) are sent, please include the following.  a) Your Name, Camera used, Lens used, Aperture Shutter and ISO value, Date and Time of image(s) taken, and why you took that image(s)
  • I will be giving you full credit.  You will have all rights and ownership to your images(s).  However, I do reserve my rights to remove the image(s) when needed without consulting your permission.
  • Posting it up is for the sake of critique and discussion.  You will not receive any prizes or compensation or any form of monetary or non-monetary rewards.



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