Cara’s #1 Birthday on Film

So Cara finally turned 1.  Had her party at Steph dad’s house.  Armed with my Zorki 4, and my 5DM3 (Just incase the film was bad 🙂 ).

Here are some from my Zorki 4.


Before her big day.


Mummy and Auntie Eileen


Natty with Uncle CK

D1000009She looks tired 🙂 .. with 3rd Aunty.


Aunty Gerry with Clarissa


Aunty Ruth with Reynold


The handsomes.  Well.. maybe not… 🙂 D1000017

Uncle PY having a bowl of desertD1000025

Natty again showing off her dress.

D1000003Her birthday cake.


The crowd.  Didn’t process this photo.  Thought the poor scanning quality had a retro effect.


Mummy doing her best to get the queue in order for the Pinata, while the others look on.


The aftermath.  Cara taking a breather with her Angry Bird play cards.

2 thoughts on “Cara’s #1 Birthday on Film

  1. Hey! These pictures are so well taken (considering the manual adjustments on the lens). I too have a zorki 4 🙂 how did you manage to get your subjects so well focused? I’m still new to the whole film camera stuff so I still quote unclear on how to “read” from the meter on the lens

    • Thank you for your kind comments.

      Basically, I’ve been blessed with a sharp lens. Having said that, being an RF, I did estimate my distance. In this way, I just focus more on the composition. Hope it helps.

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