A day by the beach (26 Oct 2012)

So it was a holiday, hence we decided to take the kids out for some sunshine by the beach.  Called the Sims (Our very best friends) and Cara’s Godpa, and away we went.

Was a great sunny day.  Wanted to capture some color, so brought my Fuji S200 and S400 films along.  Here are some of the shots straight from the photolab (without Post Processing.)

#1 Natasha having a great time

#2 Pensive.  First time on the road me thinks.

#3 Shelter – The tree that provided us shelter from the scotching sun.

#4 Cara completely relaxed

#5 The kids relaxing before lunch.

#6 All ready for some sand fun.

#7 And away they go.

#8 Cousin and Kyeron’s best friend plays together

#9 Kyeron by the Jetty

#10 Cara getting into the action too…  LUNCH

#11 Cara playing with the sand #1

#12 Cara playing with Sand #2

#13 Cara playing with Sand #2

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