The curious case of expensive films

Funny title, but really not that funny to me.. 😦 .. Sheesh …  Whenever I load in an ‘expensive’ film, it’ll fail on me.  The other time on my Yashica GSN was a Kodak BW400CN.  It snapped on me, and me being a noob open it, stared at it, and had my entire film spoilt due to my stupidity.

This time, for some reason, my Kodak Ektar 100 got stuck while shooting halfway on my Zorki 4.  Darn it …  You know these films cost like S$9 bucks per roll.  Arghhhhhh !!!!.. so again, being the noob, I roll back my film, tried to get it unstuck before I begin shooting again, knowing I would get multiple exposures, but I didn’t have much choice.  So what happened ?  The below happened.  Arghh !!!

But I carried on and got a few of these.

But again, being the super noob, I was afraid of wasting the entire film, as either my Zorki 4 film counter is spoilt or I don’t know how to use it, hence I couldn’t estimate at which number of shot I screwed up, so I didn’t want to have too many multiple exposures, hence I stopped.  But being the silly noob again, I wasted half my roll unexposed due to my fear. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!.. Nevermind.. Try again .. everytime something happens, we learn and get better right ?

So at the same time, I also finished my roll on my Yashica GSN.  Now my last time, I had it to the max before tried to unwind and my film snapped.  This time I kept it at about the 36 shot mark before I unwind my roll and guess what ?  The thing snapped again !!!!.. Arghhhhh !!!!….  Well, this time, I left it there, and brought it to Triple D Minilab Center to take it out for me.  Hey .. I learned right ?

Anyway, here are some from my Yashica GSN.

Apologies for the same content over my last few posts as recently really am busy with work, hence the only time I have left to shoot is during weekends, where the family demands my time.  Trying to squeeze some lunch hour this week to see if I can take some interesting happenings around my work area.

I did however manage to catch some home chinese tuition with the kids by the missus.  Here are some of the shots.  Can be quite blur still as I’m have yet to send my Yashica for CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) and have a hazy Viewfinder.

Once again, thanks for dropping by, and hope to hear your honest comments.

Street next.

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